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Our photographers have a professional look and try to make each frame as you would like! The whole process is free! Read more below.

Take a walk with our photographer for free, the photo shoot will last about an hour. Then the photographer will process the pictures and you can buy them individually for 1$, or all shots at a discount!
We are ready to capture the most important event in your life. The process of photographing the wedding is completely free. Further, within a few days, you will meet with the photographer and be able to purchase images at 1,5$ per frame, or all shots at a discount.

Need to shoot a hotel or establishment? Our photographers will make high-quality panoramic shots, after which you will be able to purchase them for an organization of 3$ per piece, or all at a discount.

Order a photographer for the event. Shooting will take place for free, then you can buy pictures at 0,5$ per pc, or all shots at a 50% discount.


Video is history. Advertising this, or a wedding, should have a meaning in everything. We will create this meaning for you!

We love people in love and with joy will take love for them. The cost of shooting from 70$, processing time from 2 days.

Capturing your story will be good news for us. We shoot mini movies and clips. About the cost, we always agree. The duration of the mini-movie will be about 40 minutes. The duration of the clip is 3-5 minutes. Video processing lasts up to 3 months.

There is nothing better for the company, how to create a promotional video that will convey to customers all the information about your services and products. The cost of the commercial will be from 80$. Processing takes 5 days.

We are happy to remove the tunnels of the cafe or hotel. Make a mini clip with motion design for your room. Remove the exterior. Cost from 70$. Processing takes up to 5 days.

Do you need a video report of the event? Then you got to the address! The cost of shooting 30$ per hour. Processing takes up to 5 days.


You have a lot of video or photo material, but do not have time? Contact us!

Let’s make color correction of photos at a cost of 0,5$ per photo. The minimum cost is 10$. We work in Lightroom.

Remove wrinkles, excess objects, and more. Cost of service 1$ per photo. The minimum cost is 10$. Wholesale customers discounts 🙂

No time to make color in the video? We will help you! The cost of services 1 minute video = 10$.

A lot of video? Cut out the best, eliminating too much! The cost of service 1$ for 1 minute of the source material. Minimum order amount 10$.

There is a video material, but you do not know how to handle it professionally? We are pleased to provide video processing service. The cost of the service is equal to the cost of color correction and video cutting. Minimum order amount from 30@.


We also work with sites. This site is also created by us.

The selling site is a site containing one or several pages focused on the sale of a certain product or service. The cost of such a site will be from 150$. Deadlines up to 7 days.

You have created your company, but there is no site? We will fix it!
The site will have several pages presenting your organization. The cost ranges from 250$. Deadline up to 7 days.

We will create you a site with marketing materials.
The cost is 500$.
Included in cost:
— The site of the company
— Company Video
— Photographers Service
— Logo development
— Design business cards
— Virtual tour of the territory of your organization

Need an online store? Write TK! The cost of development from 500$.
Additionally, you can order the placement of goods at a cost of 3$ per piece.

VR Tour

A virtual tour is a good way to show your customers your premises or territory. Guest of your site will be able to virtually walk in your organization.

A virtual tour with an average resolution of 40 megapixels allows you to virtually walk through the rooms and see the overall situation. The cost of the service 5$ — 1 position.

If you want to show the view from a certain point or all the smallest details of the room, then you need a gigapixel virtual tour. The visitor of the tour will be able to turn in any direction and bring the image closer so as to see some small detail.
The cost of the service is 15$ per position.

We decided to make virtual tours to our facilities so that customers would not ask unnecessary questions? We will do a virtual tour of each object in bulk. Cost per position 4$. The minimum order value 80$.

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